Thinking long and hard

I have thought long and hard today about the twists and turns of the human mind. Some of us imagine worlds to avoid this reality we live in; some of us cannot look beyond our noses. We all stand in front of the days and nights armed with invisible armors made up of all the loves and hates we have accumulated, of what was drilled into us or what we lacked….we are a product of so many circumstances, and yet we make a difference in what we touch, so we need to keep in touch with ourselves, we need to be watchful of our peculiar manners of seeing, we need to keep a clear vision, because if a butterfly batting its wings in China can create a storm over the Caribbean, imagine what impact we can have just by living our lives….

So think of your life as trascendental, meaningful, wonderful. You matter. You and what you decide to do or not to do can create chaos, or beauty…what would it be? Think about it.

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