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On July 9th, 2010, Gioconda became the only woman to have won the prestigious Latinamerican Prize: La Otra Orilla (The other side), which carries a 100,000 dollars award. Her winning novel: A Women’s Country (El País de las Mujeres) is the story of five women who decide to create a party to make fun of power as exercised by men. Using terms like sweeping, washing, associated with domestic chores, they promise to do a “spring cleaning” of their country and to change it by applying a new kind of feminism that they call: happyism
They send men to “rest” for six months and take over the government. After a volcanic eruption which lays a cloud of toxic smoke over the entire country, men´s testosterone levels have plummeted, and so the women are able to do what they wish with little opposition. They set out to change the way everyday life is carried about. Child care centers are built everywhere, maternity is taught as an obligatory course for men and women in universities and high schools, motherhood becomes a social issue and women cease to be “penalized” for being mothers and having to choose between work and home. Nursing facilities and child care rooms re built into office buildings, and domestic violence is approached in a completely different manner.
Because of the revolutionary changes they bring about, the President, Viviana Sansón, becomes the victim of an assasination attempt that leaves her in a coma. While she is in a coma, she finds herself in a warehouse filled with every object she forgot in her life: umbrellas, dark glasses and what have you. Every time she picks up one of these objects she flashes back to a moment in her life, and that is how we find out the history of the Erotic Party and how it came to be. Meanwhile other characters deal with her absence and try to find the culprits of her assasination attempt.
Humorous, imaginative and truly original, these novel sets forth new ways of thinking about often overlooked social changes that can truly revolutionize the way we live.

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